Week of Wonders

  • Gentlemen

  • Immersed in the kaleidoscopic haze of their sonic ancestors, east London's Gentlemen are bringing a new life to a vintage sound with a mind-bending aplomb. Originating separately from the UK, Italy and Australia, the five piece - consisting ofvocalist brothers Paul and Edward Housden, guitarist Philip Brillo and rhythm section Simon Shields and Geno Carrapetta - connected through their shared love of the noir, the psychedelic. Their formation in 2013 was merely the beginning of a journey which has seen them blossom into a completely immersive and eccentric new whole. Split into a referential prologue and epilogue, Night Reels I is the first chapter in a tale of the quintet's synethesia put to record in jaw-dropping style. Alluring, joyous and gleefully tripped-out, Gentlemen's journey is one to be followed with daring abandon.


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